Movement Building

Scott Goodstein & Catalyst Campaigns

Barack Obama – United States


Developed campaign’s social media, mobile communications, and lifestyle marketing strategies

James P. Hoffa – US & Canada


Developed web and social media campaign for the election of the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Dilma Rousseff – Brazil


Developed campaign’s social media and online rapid response tools

Justin Trudeau – Canada


Developed social media trainings and strategies for local legislative districts (Ridings) on how to effectively campaign digital with limited budgets

Bernie Sanders - United States


Served as the lead digital strategist in charge of coordinating website development, branding, microsites, Internet ad-budgeting, online store, and the efforts of Artists for Bernie

Ernesto Talvi - Uruguay


Developed the campaign’s messaging, website, and launch strategy. Guided the campaign staff on ways to maintain a consistent narrative from the primary through the general election.